Thursday, May 15, 2014

¡Estoy de vueeeellllta!

Estoy de vueeeelllltta! It's been less than I year since I tearfully departed the country that cut off the ear of my heart, so to speak. (It was a torero joke...I tried). Although I've been here for less than a week, it feels like a month.

It's funny how things never change. Eduardo Dato, my old street, looks exactly the same, though now there are empty spaces where stores used to be. The people come and go around me as always, walking and talking as if nothing has changed. Sevilla didn't care that I left, and it doesn't care that I'm back. While this may seem like a harsh realization, it's a necessary one. It seems massively unfair that the place that had such an impact on my life should now treat me with such indifference, but that is the reality of the world. What truly matters at the end of the day, is the friends that I have kept in contact with and the new people that I will meet.

To be back to the city you studied abroad in is very strange. Last spring, this was my home. I lived here for four months with no responsibilities and basically limitless freedom. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, but was still protected beneath the umbrella of my friends who were here with me. Now I'm back, with friends, but essentially alone. This is ultimately a good thing. I'm back in Sevilla, but without the rose-colored glasses of studying abroad. Last year, almost everything was perfect. Sevilla or Spain in general could do no wrong. While I think I'm still in love, everything isn't perfect. Printing often doesn't work. My cellphone didn't work. The water in our apartment stopped working today. It's hot here. Like 100F hot. Like so hot you feel the need to take two showers a day.

When I walk around the city, it is filled with memories of my semester here. I feel a kind of loving nostalgia that isn't longing, but more of a fond reflection. Nothing can ever be the same twice, and I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to explore mi ciudad another time. Who knows what these next days will bring, but I look forward to what I will discover.


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