Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Walking Shoes

Believe it or not, this venture should be called a "quest." In my time in Spain and in other countries I plan on walking. A lot. And, seeing as I'd rather preserve my feet, this requires a fine pair of walking shoes.

For Christmas, my family gave me a gift certificate to DSW specifically for this purpose. So today, I traveled to the megastore in hopes of scoring a decent pair. After about ten minutes, however, I began to worry. The problem with walking shoes is that they are ugly. Plain and simple. If they aren't straight-up sneakers, they're clogs or some hideous creation with a Mary Jane toe. Definitely not my style. Not only do they scream "OLD LADY" but they also proclaim "TOURIST."
I searched up and down the many aisles, praying that I could find a suitable pair, yet to no avail.
"I need to fit in!" I insisted to my mother.
"It's about comfort, not style," she urged, but I wasn't having any of it. Even if I did purchase "walking shoes" with good support, I wouldn't wear them if I thought they were ugly.

I settled on a fine pair of extremely cute boots that fit well and were comfortable. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but why shouldn't a pair of low boots suffice as walking shoes? I convinced myself I was right, and that I really had no better options and headed to the front of the store.

That's when I saw them.

Sitting innocently at the end of the row, unassuming and plain. A pair of brown, laced walkings shoes. The best part--they weren't ugly! In a way, there were actually kind of stylish.

I set down the boots and tried the others on and discovered that they felt wonderful. I could see myself traipsing around Sevilla, Rome, Paris in these bad boys. They definitely weren't as cute as the boots, but I decided that I really needed to buy a pair of shoes that I could wear all the time and that weren't going to hurt my feet.

In the end, I walked home with a pair of brown Naturalizer shoes. They are nondescript enough to wear with almost everything, and will most definitely pay off when I spend all day on my feet.

Yay! Non-ugly walking shoes exist!

(Also, they were on sale. #SCORE)

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