Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mis primeros paseos en España (parte dos)

I restrain myself, get my bag in order, and meet the friendly MundoLengua staff who take some obligatory "first day!" photos. Needless to say, we all look a little worn out.
Finally, after all of this time in Spain, I take my first true steps into the country that is to be my home for the next five months. I trees! Beside the parking lot for the airport are orange trees! They're beautiful and orange and I can't believe that this is so normal here. We hop in the car and drive into the city to drop us off at our homestays. Sevilla, from what little I've experienced, is loca. It's loud, cars and cyclists rush around and the wind sweeps down the long streets. We reach our home, which is a lovely apartment painted orange and yellow.

My roommate and I decided that, as soon as we landed in Sevilla, we would only speak Spanish to each other unless it was absolutely necessary to speak in English. This will get us ready to transition from thinking mostly in English, to thinking mostly in Spanish. We valiantly tried, but eventually the exhaustion set in and our conversations devolved into a pathetic Spanglish.

I'm not quite sure what I expected, but this definitely is not what I expected. I think it is the overwhelming language thing and the fact that I haven't slept in quite some time, but I can feel the beginnings of the culture shock set in. We have an early dinner and head to bed to catch some much needed Zzzs.

La aventura empieza!


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